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Perimeter Security in Chicago

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that there are people who are less than honest, doing anything they can to make a quick buck, no matter who they have to hurt to do it. And many times, a storage facility loaded with merchandise they can quickly offload is too big of a target to overlook. Fortunately, the team at United Door and Dock knows how to prepare your distribution center. Our team proudly offers the best equipment available on the market for perimeter security in Chicago.  

When it comes to keeping your perimeters safe, there are various options available for securing the area. One possibility commonly used is a surface-mounted barrier. These are great for stopping roving vehicles from damaging your property. Similarly, portable barriers will help properly guide trucks and other vehicles onto your site and to the correct receiving entrance.  

There are also options available that prevent vehicles from pulling away, such as a wedge barrier, which pivots up from the pavement to block the flow of traffic. Another device that rises from the ground to prevent vehicles from entering restricted spaces is a mechanical bollard, which is just as effective as its stationary counterparts. Additionally, tiger teeth are available to puncture tires in the event of someone trying to escape, similar to spike strips. 

Our perimeter security equipment is good for more than just warehouses. Sporting events, stadiums, arenas, shopping malls, and more are all high-profile targets that United Door and Dock can help protect. We also carry equipment for securing the grounds of your facility. Automatic gate operators and high-performance security doors are both great ways to keep unwanted guests off the premises. We also offer guard booths to help ensure your facility remains safe.


No matter when you need our service, United Door and Dock is here for you. We pledge 24-hour emergency service and repair anywhere in the area and are available 7 days a week. For more information on our perimeter security options in Chicago, call United Door and Dock today at (312) 549-8897.  

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